In today’s fast paced construction market vital building components are often missed allowing water into the structure. Before your building suffers long term and expensive damage call us to assist in the diagnosis and repair.

Waterproofing techniques and materials differ substantially depending upon the type of construction and the substrate that is to be waterproofed. There is a large variety of facade building components on the market each having specific repair materials and products.

Since November of 1999, our field technicians have been trained in the waterproofing of building envelopes. They are specialists in their field, whether it is carpentry, plastering, stucco, EIFS, masonry, sealants, or coating applications.

We take great pride in our success of waterproofing buildings and proven process. Our proven pro- cess has four key criteria:

  • A investigation and understanding of the water intrusion issue
  • A comprehensive approach to the repair involving collaboration between the owner, consultant and the product manufacturer
  • Selection of the correct system and products for repair
  • Finally avoiding “Band-Aid” type repairsBeing involved in multiple organizations provides us with latest in the waterproofing industry trends, products and technology advancements in the mitigation of water intrusion and maintaining the service life of building envelopes.
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