We use the most advanced tools and training when it comes to diagnosing facade failures and water intrusion issues that plague many buildings today. That includes an alliance with some of the most recognized engineering firms and building consultants that specialize in building envelope investigation.


What to Expect

The investigation starts with a questionnaire about your building and the issue you are having. Next we make a site visit and prepare a summary report that includes the conditions, facade issues and probable causes. In some cases forensic and destructive testing maybe required to uncover the hidden defects. This process has proven to be very effective when identifying construction deficiencies and the causes of water intrusion into the building’s facade.


Temperature image sensor

Thermal Wall Image

A thermal imaging camera was used to show heat loss at the floor line where flashing, air barrier and insulation should have been installed.

Open wall investigating

Open Wall Investigation

After all the evidence was reviewed by the project engineer he determined an open wall investigation was needed. It revealed improper insulation, missing flashing at the floor line and the vapor barrier was not installed properly.

Solution for fixing open wall problemSolution

The wall sheathing termination was sealed with a bead of sealant to prevent air infiltration. An ice and water shield barrier was installed under the upper layer of vapor barrier and over the top of the vapor barrier below.



Images of concrete repair



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