Stone by Boulder Creek

Bavarian Castle Stone by Boulder Creek

Bavarian Castle®
Adorning the estates and castles of European royalty for centuries, the new Bavarian Castle adds a strong, regal look for your home. Recreating the time-honored style of the English country home, the Master Craftsmen of Boulder Creek Stone have created four realistic color patterns.

Bluff Stone by Boulder Creek

Bluff Stone
Bluff Stone is best described as several flat stones stacked on top of one another. Its soft, wind-eroded edges and rich, warm colors make Bluff Stone and excellent addition to any building project. Available in six colors.

Cliffstone Stone by Boulder Creek

Cliffstone is a popular stone choice with less protrusion than our Country Ledge and slightly more than Montana Ledge. Available in three different colors, Cliffstone is a smart choice for those looking to add a touch of ruggedness without the roughness of Montana Ledge.

Country Ledge Stone by Boulder Creek

Country Ledge
Designed to evoke images of cliffs along the Mississippi River, Country Ledge is a smoother version of our rugged Montana Ledge. This stone is great for adding texture and variety to your projects. Available in four colors.

Eastern Fieldstone by Boulder Creek

Eastern Fieldstone
A lighthouse beacon steers your eye to a perfectly imperfect patchwork. Eastern Fieldstone offers a unique uniformity found only on the Atlantic seaboard of the United States; a shared heritage of rural and urban, of prvincial prestige and modern marvel. Available in five colors.