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U.S. Exterior Maintenance & Repair selected as lead contractor for International Documentary series in the United States.

Mike Parrett

Mike Parrett ( www.buildingpathology.net ) is the UK's leading expert on investigating dampness and mold in buildings. With a powerful reputation for independence, integrity, and the ability to pinpoint the root cause of any problem, Parrett came to the United States for his latest investigation series. He looked to U.S. Exterior Maintenance & Repair to assist him in uncovering the problems that exist in North American construction.

Keith Moore, owner of U.S. Exterior, was asked if his company would participate with Mr. Frank Lesh of Home Sweet Home inspections, in an international documentary. ( www.homesweethomeinspection.com ). Mr. Lesh is the former president of ASHI. He has also worked with U.S. Exterior over the years on several high profile projects.