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Stucco Repair

While no one knows the exact origin of Stucco, we do know it has been in use for over 5000 years. In the United States, stucco products became prevalent in the early 1900’s with the use of Portland cement. Stucco is a combination of Portland cement, sand, water and acrylics/plasticizers and other additives. These components are mixed together and applied to a variety of surfaces.

Stucco, while a great product when installed properly with expansion joints, accessory tracks and sealants, can be quite problematic when these items over looked during installation. The most common problem is cracking from improper or lack of expansion joints. This causes cracking, the cracking allows water intrusion and water intrusion can cause a myriad of other issues from spalling to mold issue in the wall cavity.

Just like Masonry, the Keys to a successful project are: Investigation, a comprehensive approach to repairs, proper selection of products and avoiding “band-aide” type repairs.

Our process starts with a collaborative approach and investigation and then we move on to the proper product selection. Once a product and course of action have been selected, we will implement the repairs. We will work closely with you to determine the best time and schedule for your project.

We understand our clients have unique needs and we are dedicated to ensure ALL of those needs are met. U.S. Exterior is committed to go above and beyond to insure we do not interrupt your business during our repair process, even if it means performing the repairs during non traditional business hours.