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Flashing Installation

Definition; “Any piece of material, usually metal or plastic, installed to prevent water from penetrating the structure. Sheet metal or other material used in roof and wall construction to protect a building from water seepage”.

As the definition states, it is a vital part of building construction to keep the moisture out. It is also one of the hardest pieces to get right. Let us assist you in getting right. As the photos above show the attempt was there, the execution was poor. First the flashing installed so it pitched back to the window sill allowing snow, ice and water build up. Not exactly the flashings fault in this case. No, in this case it goes back to the mason who installed the brick pitched back to the window. The solution was to cut the brick at an angle that allowed a properly pitched flashing to move the snow, ice and water away from the building.


This wall was improperly flashed. The Tyvek house wrap stop at the floor line and restarted at the floor below. Leaving the floor slab completely exposed, once the masonry started leaking water traveled into the interior space causing several thousands dollars of damage. The solution was to open the wall assembly as shown with a flashing added underneath the upper the section of house wrap and then over the lower section of house wrap.