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Color Design

Recoating your property is a serious investment, and should never be taken lightly. The most common question asked  - "what is the return on investment?". Several national studies have shown that curb appeal increases occupancies rates. Whether you're renting hotel rooms, office or retail space ,increasing your occupancy rate increases your return on investment.

One of the most dramatic changes your building can under go is changing the base color and adding some accent colors. If you're building is on a crowded street or tucked away, color can draw your attention.

Our color rendering service can take the guess work out and lets you see for your self the dramatic changes that are available to you. There is no charge for this service should you elect to go with our Re/Coat program. In the event you decided to select another program, there is a modest fee attached for rendering service.

Go ahead make a statement and increase your return on investment.